My Catfish Story

My Catfish Stories – I Was Internet Satan

I may be ashamed, but I done what I done… Here’s a Catfish tell-all from internet blogger, Lindsay Penn. Lindsay begins with: “My name is Lindsay Penn and from the age of 13-18, I was internet satan.” Lindsay had a highly creative imagination and every time she’d invent a character, she’d take that character online. […]

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My Catfish Story (iJustine)

This is my personal account of me being catfished…told for the very first time…in video response form of course This is an interesting account of how Blue35Tuesday (his YouTube account name) was Catfished. Apparently, this is the first time he’s told the story. He and his Catfisher meet on the now-defunct DailyBooth and strike up […]

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My Catfish Story – Micka

Ahhh – the old switcheroo. He creates an attractive persona and woos Micka. But after several months, when she presses him for a face-to-face meeting, he backs off and suggests that she’s better suited for his not-so-good-looking friend. Of course, the “friend” is actually him.

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